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Clear Solution for Superior Heat Reduction

Infrared Heat Rejection Films (IR Films) are the perfect commercial or residential films, where superior heat rejection is needed to protect finishes and provide comfort. These films offer outstanding optical clarity and low reflectivity, allowing the sunlight where you want it.

Unlike other companies’ films, which block only a narrow infrared light range, Johnson Window Films’ Sunlight 70 boasts an impressive infrared heat rejection over the entire infrared light spectrum.Therefore, our Sunlight 70 is extremely energy-efficient, promoting superior UV protection and heat rejection.


Or, you might prefer Johnson Window Films’ Palisade heat rejection films, which are highly durable and constructed using breakthrough ceramic technology. With its exceptionally clear appearance (with 99% UV light protection and superior heat rejection), Palisade is the perfect energy-saving solution for retail storefronts, sunrooms, and other areas where clear views are a necessity.

Providing clear alternatives to standard and specialty films, Palisade delivers a rapid return-on-investment and is the perfect choice for those who want high energy-saving performance without compromising the view.

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