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See the Light – Feel the Difference

When it comes to residential and commercial window tinting, Solar Filter Company in Williamsburg, Virginia is here to help you. We offer a wide variety of high-quality window films that suit your taste and budget.

We do not limit your choices to just one brand, but we offer window films by these companies and more:

  • Hüper Optik
  • SolarGard
  • V-Kool
  • Johnson Window Film
  • 3M

Going the Extra Mile for You

We have been installing window films for Virginia homes and businesses since 1995. With personal attention from our knowledgeable owner and installation crew, you can be rest assured that calling Solar Filter Company for a free, no-obligation visit is a good decision. You can also trust us to always provide professional and timely installation and attentive customer service.


Windows are a beautiful accent to any home. Unprotected windows, however, can cause higher energy bills, annoying glare on television and computer screens, and cause irreversible fading to your valuable furnishings, hardwood floors, and area rugs.

With Solar Filter Company installing your window films, you will enjoy lower energy costs, considerably reduce glare, and diminish fading to your valuable furnishings, hardwood floors, and area rugs.



Solar Filter Company will provide your exterior and interior windows and doors with an aesthetically pleasing and consistent look. You may opt for our solar control and safety films, which can provide a safe, comfortable work environment through glare reduction and UV protection. Or, you can choose our privacy films if you want to conceal your office interiors, storage rooms, and product inventories from public view.

Contact Us Today for a No-Obligation Quote!

See it for FREE! So that you can view your actual film choice at your home or business, we will install an actual film sample on your window at no charge! This way, you can see the finished product from both inside and out.


Improving the Performance of the Windows You Already Have

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